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Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 29% 11 LB

Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 29% 11 LB

by Cacao Barry

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Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 29% is a stunning white chocolate known for its lush creaminess and sweet intensity that tantalizes your taste buds. Every bite of this luxurious chocolate reveals an intricate play of flavors that is hard to resist. It boasts a 29% cocoa content that manages to strike a perfect balance between sweet and cocoa flavors, which is an attribute of high-quality white chocolate.

One of the distinguishing features of Blanc Satin is its beautifully complex taste profile. It opens with an initial burst of sweetness, a signature characteristic of white chocolate. However, unlike ordinary white chocolate, the sweetness in this delicacy does not overpower but rather sets the stage for the arrival of other nuanced flavors.


A hint of caramel subtly weaves itself into the taste narrative, adding a layer of smooth, buttery richness that deepens the flavor experience. The caramel notes are not overly sweet but give the chocolate a velvety mouthfeel that is incredibly satisfying.


Another notable attribute of Blanc Satin is the delicate notes of vanilla that make their presence felt. These gentle notes give a fragrant, aromatic dimension to the chocolate, enhancing its overall appeal. The vanilla also works beautifully with the caramel, creating a harmonious synergy that is both comforting and indulgent.


The texture of the Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 29% is as impressive as its flavor. It has a silky smoothness that melts effortlessly on the tongue, releasing its myriad flavors in a slow, delightful dance.


Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 29% is a celebration of white chocolate, characterized by a multi-dimensional flavor profile that includes creamy sweetness, rich caramel undertones, and soft vanilla accents. It's a gourmet experience that is sure to please the palates of both chocolate connoisseurs and casual sweet-lovers alike. Its versatility also makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of culinary applications, from baking and confectionery to pairings with fruits, nuts, and wines. Enjoy bulk Cacao Barry Blanc Satin at wholesale pricing.

Cacao: 29% (29% Cocoa Butter, 0% Fat free cocoa)
Fat: 33% (4% Milk fat, 16% Fat free milk)
Milk: 20% (29% Cocoa Butter, 4% Milk fat)
Fluidity: High

Country of Origin: Belgium 

Item Number: D-1494

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