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Cassava Sour Flour (XP) - 50 lb Bag

by Bakers Authority

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Cassava sour flour (XP) is a yellow flour produced from the pulp of the cassava plant (Manihotesculenta Crantz). It is mainly used in the Caribbean as an ingredient for various dishes such as dumplings, pudding and various pastries. Cassava sour flour is also known as XP flour or simply XP.

Cassava sour flour is made by soaking the cassava pulp in water for several days, then draining it and grinding it into a fine powder. The resulting flour is then mixed with salt and baking soda to create a sourdough starter. This starter is then used to leaven breads and other baked goods.

Cassava sour flour has a slightly acidic taste due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria in the flour. This acidic taste is desired in many Caribbean dishes. It also gives the flour a yellowish color. Enjoy cassava sour flour (XP) at wholesale pricing.


Cassava Sour Flour (XP) Bulk Packaging: 50 lb Bag


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