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by T.H. Angermeier

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A cream colored powder that produces a glaze that will not weep or break down on fresh fruit tarts or open fruit cakes. Neo Agar, a quality gelling agent ideal for crafting a range of delectable sweets and pastries, is available from Baker's Authority.

Neo Agar is a natural plant-based gelatin alternative manufactured from red algae.
It's a great option for vegetarians or people with dietary limitations.

Neo Agar is a flexible gelling ingredient that may be used to make a wide range of sweets such as panna cotta, jelly, and custards. It's also heat-resistant, which means it won't degrade even when cooked to high degrees, making it ideal for baking fruit tarts and cheesecakes.

Try Neo Agar now if you're seeking for a high-quality gelling agent that's flexible, natural, and simple to use. It's the ideal ingredient for taking your cakes and pastries to the next level, thanks to its excellent texture and quality. Enjoy bulk Neo Agar at wholesale pricing.

Unit Weight: 5 lb

Packaging: Box

Shelf Life: 12 months

Allergen Information: None present

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Item Number: D-7514

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