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Churros 20lbs

Churros 20lbs

by J&J Snack Food

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Churros are a fried dough with sprinkled sugar on top that comes from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. Baker Authority sells churros in bulk of 100 count. Buy churros in bulk for a decadent sweet dough. Enjoy bulk churros at wholesale pricing.


Churros Bulk Packaging: 20 lb Box

Allergen Information: Contains wheat, milk, egg and soy ingredients.

Preparation Instructions: Regular or toaster ovens: Place Churro(s) on wire rack in preheated oven. Bake at 400 for 3-5 minutes. Churros are ready when tiny bubbles appear on their surface. Roll Churros in cinnamon/sugar or confectioner's sugar. Heating times may vary with individual ovens: adjust accordingly.

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Item Number: D-5801

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