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Clay Cutters - Ovals (Makin's #36005)

Clay Cutters - Ovals (Makin's #36005)

by Makin

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Makin's collection of clay cutters, themed as 'Ovals', offers a cost-effective and engaging way to shape your clay into perfectly cut ovals. The set includes three different cutters, each of a varying size, to add diversity and flexibility to your crafting experience.


These sets come with three sizes of a specific shape and measure approximately between 5/8" to 2." This size range provides the user with ample choice to create both small, delicate clay pieces and larger, bolder clay objects, making the set versatile for different project requirements.


The design of these cutters is such that they enable quick and efficient cutting of clay, saving valuable time that can be invested in focusing on other intricate aspects of the craft. They work best by simply pressing into the clay to achieve the desired shape, without the need for any additional tools or complicated processes.


Makin's oval clay cutters are also ideal for creating layered designs. You can cut out different sizes of the same oval shape and combine them to make unique, layered structures. They offer an exciting opportunity for experimentation and innovation, whether you're working on a basic project or something more complex.


Whether you're a seasoned professional or an amateur stepping into the world of clay art, this set of Makin's oval clay cutters is a worthy addition to your toolbox. They offer practicality, simplicity, and flexibility, making your creative journey with clay more enjoyable and rewarding. With these cutters, you have the tools to let your imagination take the lead, and bring your ideas to life in the form of perfectly cut oval clay creations.


Remember that, as with all tools, proper care and maintenance of these clay cutters will ensure their longevity and continued effectiveness. They should be gently cleaned after each use to remove any clay residue, and stored in a dry place to prevent any potential damage. With these considerations in mind, you can ensure that your oval clay cutters will continue to serve you in your artistic endeavors for many projects to come.


Item Number: D-S1768

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