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Clay Texture Sheets 7x5.5 - 4 Pack (Makin's #38005)

Clay Texture Sheets 7x5.5 - 4 Pack (Makin's #38005)

by Makin

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Enhance your clay modeling experience with Makin's Clay Texture Sheets. These sheets, each measuring 7"X5.5", are part of a versatile and innovative range that offers a host of ways to add realistic and distinct textures to your clay projects. Packaged in a set of four, each texture sheet measures 6-1/4x4-1/2in, offering plenty of space to work your magic. Each Makin's texture set is uniquely themed and includes distinct textures.


Texture set A is inspired by nature and its diverse elements. It includes textures resembling sand, waves, cobblestone, and brick, bringing an earthy feel to your clay projects.


Texture set B is all about patterns. This set includes stripe, checks, screen, and dot textures, offering you a broad canvas of design possibilities.


Texture set C pays homage to the textile industry, with textures that mimic honeycomb, weave, eyelet, and lace. This set is perfect for adding intricate details to your projects.


Texture set D is inspired by natural and cosmic elements. It includes textures mimicking the organic pattern of wood-grain, the layered effect of scales, and the ethereal beauty of stars and snowflakes.


Texture set E is an ode to texture itself, with textures that resemble the softness of curly fur, the knit of a cozy sweater, the elegance of a diamond pattern, and the whimsy of a curly beard.


Each texture set is sold individually, offering you the flexibility to choose as per your creative needs. These sets are imported, reflecting the international appeal of Makin's clay texture sheets. Brighten your clay modeling projects with the unparalleled realism and texture brought by Makin's Clay Texture Sheet Sets.

Item Number: D-S1802

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