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Coconut Macaroon Mix

Coconut Macaroon Mix

by Westco

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Our coconut macaroon mix is a simple and easy way to make soft and moist macaroons. Just add water and have coconut macaroons be ready in no time. For an added treat, dip coconut macaroons in chocolate for a delicious chocolate coconut mix. Enjoy our bulk coconut macaroon mix at wholesale pricing.


Unit Weight: 6.5 lb

Coconut Macaroon Mix Bulk Packaging: 6.5 Can


Coconut Macaroon Mix Bulk Case: 6 - 6.5 Cans

Applications: Use one ounce of citrus product such as orange juice or puree, orange or lemon grating or lemon juice to the pound of macaroon mix. Use appropriate coloring if desired. It is also possible to make other flavors with natural fruits or flavoring for example chopped cherries or top with half cherry dip or enrobe with coating chocolate.

Preparation Instructions: Coconut Macaroon Mix - 6.5 lbs boiling water (variable) - 2lb blend in mixer for 1-2 minutes allow to stand for 5 minutes bag out or scoop macaroons bake at 350 F in conventional oven 325 F in rack oven.

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Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-1695-CASE

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