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Gelatin 225 Bloom 40 Bovine 1 LB

by Bakers Authority

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Gelatin 225 bloom 40 bovine is a gelling agent. It is used to produce clear, heat-resistant and thermo-reversible gels. The addition of gelatin to your dishes will lend a unique texture and mouthfeel.

Gelatin is used in a wide variety of food applications including:

- As a gelling agent in desserts such as jelly, pudding, and mousse

- As a thickener in sauces, soups, and syrups

- As a stabilizer in emulsions such as mayonnaise and salad dressings

- As a binding agent in processed meats

- As a clarifying agent in brewing beer and wine

Gelatin is made from animal collagen and is thus not vegetarian or vegan. Enjoy bulk gelatin 225 bloom 40 bovine CS at wholesale pricing.


Gelatin 225 Bloom 40 Bovine CS Bulk Packaging: 1 lb Pouch


Item Number: D-4754



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