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MEC3 Caramel Topping  (CASE 6/1KG)

MEC3 Caramel Topping (CASE 6/1KG)

by Mec3

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The MEC3 Caramel Topping, offered in a bulk case of six 1-kilogram containers, is an incredibly versatile sweet addition to a wide range of culinary endeavors. This delicious, smooth, and rich caramel syrup not only looks appealing but also elevates the flavor of your treats.


  • Versatility: This topping can be used in a wide variety of ways. It adds a delightful hint of caramel flavor to ice creams, milkshakes, and sundae creations. You can drizzle it on cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and pastries to enhance their taste and visual appeal. It's also a great addition to coffee-based drinks, hot chocolates, and even cocktails, adding a sweet, creamy touch.

  • Ideal for Bars: In addition to dessert applications, the MEC3 Caramel Topping is ideal for use in bar settings. The rich caramel flavor pairs well with a number of alcoholic beverages, providing an excellent way to sweeten cocktails or add a unique twist to classic drinks.

  • Quality and Consistency: With the MEC3 brand, you're assured of a high-quality product. The caramel topping offers a consistent flavor and texture, ensuring that each application is as good as the last. This consistency makes it easy to integrate into your recipes, without having to worry about variations in taste or quality.

  • Convenient Packaging: The case contains six 1-kilogram containers, which allows for easy storage and longevity. The containers are designed for easy dispensing, ensuring you can add just the right amount of caramel topping to your dishes or drinks without any fuss.

  • Cost-Effective: The bulk packaging offers a cost-effective solution for businesses. Whether you're running a busy café, bakery, bar, or restaurant, the MEC3 Caramel Topping can help you keep up with demand while also providing excellent value for money.

  • Storage and Shelf-Life: The MEC3 Caramel Topping has a long shelf-life, ensuring that you can keep it on hand for whenever you need it. The containers also make it easy to store, either in a cool, dry pantry or in a refrigerator after opening.


With the MEC3 Caramel Topping, you have a delicious and versatile addition to your kitchen or bar, able to enhance a plethora of dishes and drinks with its sweet, creamy caramel flavor. Enjoy bulk MEC3 Caramel Topping at wholesale pricing.


PACK WEIGHT : 1.00 kg

PACKS PER CARTON: 6                  

Item number: D-A105/MEC3-24087                                   

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