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Pastry Star Raspberry Fruit Sauce 6/2lbs

Pastry Star Raspberry Fruit Sauce 6/2lbs

by Pastry Star

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An all-natural raspberry sauce perfect for taking any dessert to the next level. Clean label, all-natural, and non-GMO.

Ready-to-use and all-natural, our raspberry fruit sauce is the perfect addition to any dessert. Made with real raspberries and all-natural ingredients, this perfectly sweet sauce will transform your recipes. Use it in cakes, to top ice creams, or even as your secret weapon in plating desserts. This sauce is clean label which means we make it with no artificial ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

This product is clean label, non-GMO and Kosher Diary.

Packaging: 6/2lbs


Allergen Information: None.


Ingredients: Raspberry Puree, Sugar, Sorbitol, Water, Invert Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Natural Flavor, Pectin, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid


Shelf Life: 

Product will maintain quality for 12 months at room temperature. Once opened,
refrigerate, and use within 2 weeks.


Tips & Handling: Product will retain quality for 12 months unopened (frozen) or 5 days once opened (refrigerated).


Item Number: PS08289

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