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Round Blue Cake Drums - 10" x 10"

Round Blue Cake Drums - 10" x 10"

by Enjay

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The modest embossed pattern, blue color, and smooth edges add sophistication and elegance that will impress your clients and guest without taking attention from your masterpiece. Ideal for displaying cakes, pie, bread, or even pizza. Enjoy bulk Enjay round 10 inch blue cake drums at wholesale pricing when displaying your favorite cakes.


Enjay round blue cake drums is designed specifically to place underneath cakes in order to hold and transport them and provide a stable foundation for your cake. Round blue cake drums holds light and very heavy cakes and it contains a foil top to prevent grease from seeping into the cardboard. The next time you want to transport and hold your cake, try using Enjay bulk round blue cake drums at wholesale pricing, available in 10 inch cake drums.


Case Pack: 12 Count

UPC Code: 625475027965

Dimensions: 10" x 10"

Thickness: 1/2"

Item Code: D-9288

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