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Corn Syrup Solids - 42 DE (Coarse)

Corn Syrup Solids - 42 DE (Coarse)

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Derived most commonly from corn starch, maltodextrin, and corn syrup solids serve as highly useful tools in food and beverage formulation. They can give pretzels their shine, replace the rich mouthfeel of fats in light dressings, and keep frozen desserts from melting too quickly. Our selection of corn syrup solids is available in bulk, wholesale, or home use.


Maltodextrin and corn syrup solids are produced from high-quality corn starch, which is enzymatically converted to decrease its chain length, resulting in a relatively non-sweet clarified syrup, which is dried into the powder or put into an aqueous solution adding function to foods and beverages:


  • Bulking and anti-caking agents for high-intensity sweeteners, spices, and flavors help control viscosity, adding body and mouthfeel to finished products
  • Create a coating for surface sheen or as a moisture barrier
  • Provides adhesion and humectancy to confections and snack products
  • Stabilize ingredients to help extend shelf-life


Product Description: Step into the world of premium baking with Corn Syrup Solids - 42 DE (Coarse). This product, meticulously crafted for baking perfectionists, is the epitome of fine-tuning in confectionery and baking. Made from the highest quality corn, Corn Syrup Solids ensure the right balance of sweetness and texture. In this guide, dive deep into the essence, properties, and multifaceted uses of Corn Syrup Solids, the secret behind countless delightful treats.


Corn Syrup Solids - 42 DE (Coarse): The Gold Standard in Sweetening

The heart of Corn Syrup Solids is its superior quality. It promises a consistent texture and balanced sweetness, essential for achieving that perfect gloss and finish in confectioneries.


Multifaceted and Essential: Elevating Sweet Treats


The versatility of Corn Syrup Solids is truly impressive:

  • Confectioneries: Ideal for candies, fudges, and marshmallows, ensuring a smooth, velvety texture.
  • Baking: Enhance the shelf life and moistness of cakes, cookies, and pastries.
  • Beverages: A perfect addition to drinks for smoothness and a hint of sweetness.


Origins and Properties: Quality from Kernel to Crystal

Sourced from premium quality corn, Corn Syrup Solids are processed to retain the pure essence of the kernel. The 42 DE (Dextrose Equivalent) signifies its optimal level of conversion, resulting in a perfect blend of sweetness and solubility.


Comparison with Liquid Corn Syrup: A More Concentrated Delight

While both have their unique places in the culinary world, Corn Syrup Solids offer:

  • Consistency: Easy to measure and mix, ensuring uniformity in recipes.
  • Shelf Stability: Longer shelf life and less prone to crystallization.
  • Versatility: Use it in dry or wet mixtures without compromising texture.


Storage and Packaging: Keeping Sweetness Intact

Corn Syrup Solids come in sealed packaging, ensuring freshness and purity. Store in a cool, dry place to maintain its crystalline perfection.


Culinary Tips: Unlocking the Potential of Corn Syrup Solids

  • Moisture Regulation: They can help control moisture in baked goods, preventing them from becoming too dry or too soggy.
  • Texture Enhancement: Use them to achieve a softer, chewier texture in cookies and bars.
  • Sweetness Control: Being less sweet than sugar, they allow for flavor enhancement without excessive sweetness.


Quality Assurance: Baker's Authority's Seal of Excellence

Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. Each batch of Corn Syrup Solids is processed with precision, ensuring that you receive a product that consistently elevates your culinary creations.


Corn Syrup Solids FAQ:


What are Corn Syrup Solids?


Corn Syrup Solids are dehydrated forms of liquid corn syrup, used as a sweetener and texture enhancer in various culinary applications.


How do they differ from regular sugar?


Corn Syrup Solids offer a different texture and sweetness level than regular sugar. They also provide functional benefits in moisture control and shelf life extension.


Can I replace sugar with Corn Syrup Solids in a recipe?


Yes, but adjustments might be needed in terms of quantity and moisture content.


What does 42 DE mean?


42 DE (Dextrose Equivalent) indicates the level of conversion from starches, suggesting a balanced sweetness and solubility.


How should I store them?


Store in a cool, dry place to prevent clumping and maintain freshness.


Elevate your culinary endeavors with Baker's Authority's Corn Syrup Solids - 42 DE (Coarse). Perfect sweetness, perfect texture, and perfect results every time.


Corn Syrup Solids Packaging: 50 lb Bag

Corn Syrup Solids Bulk Pallet: 50 - 50 lb Bags

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Item Number: D-4782

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