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Cream Fondant 50lbs

Cream Fondant 50lbs

by Fulafrute

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The finest sugar paste available composed of 90% liquid sucrose (67.5% solids) and 10% 42DE corn syrup. Cream fondant is the base for all icings and candy centers. Cream fondant is an easy to use icing for decorating cakes and giving them a beautiful and decorative look. Cream fondant is small crystals of pure cane sugar that are crystallized with invert sugar to produce a white fondant that is resistant to caking. Fondant sugar is a nice delicacy and is often used for celebratory affairs, like wedding cakes and cookies. If you want your party to be memorable and upscale, not to mention tasty, then enjoy our bulk cream fondant at wholesale pricing.

Cream Fondant Bulk Packaging: 50 lb Pail

Shelf Life: 6 months from date of manufacture

Allergen Information: None

Applications: Used for graining fudges, caramels and taffies.

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Item Number: D-0146

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