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Custard Mix

Custard Mix


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Our super delicious custard boasts wonderful taste and versatility. Stir a spoonful into coffee or tea, pour it over berries, ice cream or cake. Can be used as a cup-for-cup alternative for dairy condensed milk. Great with coffee, tea, dessert, cooking, and baking. Creamy texture, vanilla flavor and unconditionally tasty. Made with all-natural products. Give strength due to the high protein and complex carbohydrates. No artificial flavors added. No artificial flavors, no added sugars, no lactose, no gluten, no hormones and BPA free. Custard mix is great to add to custard doughnuts, pies, and cakes. Enjoy bulk custard mix at wholesale pricing.

Custard Mix Bulk Packaging: 8 oz Bag

Allergen Information: Contains Allergens. Check Ingredients

Ingredients: skimmed milk powder, pectin, sweeteners, (stevioside, sucralose), nature - identical flavors.)

Country of Origin:


Item Number: N-0012


Suggested Directions

1) Add warm water to the powder 1:3 ratio powder to water

2) Whip for 2-3 minutes into thick cream


Serving Size:

Powder                       Water/Milk                  ready product

8 oz                                24 oz                             32 oz

4 oz                                12 oz                             16  oz

1 tbsp                             3 tbsp                            4 tbsp


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