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MEC3 Dia & Light Vanilla Gelato

MEC3 Dia & Light Vanilla Gelato

by Mec3

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MEC3 Dia & Light Vanilla Gelato brings to you the delicacy of Italian gelato without the guilt of high calories, added sugars, or fats. This line has been meticulously crafted to serve those who are vigilant about their dietary consumption, presenting an array of flavors, each with less than 100 calories per 100 grams of gelato.


Flavors are created without added sugars, making this product a viable option for people avoiding sucrose and fructose. The fat content is essentially zero, making it a lighter alternative to traditional gelatos, which typically have a significantly higher fat content. This special range ensures that our gelatos have at least 30% fewer calories than traditional variants, offering a guilt-free indulgence.


MEC3 Dia & Light Vanilla Gelato is a fat-free variant that champions the subtle, creamy taste of vanilla without compromising on the mouthfeel and richness that one associates with a scoop of good quality gelato. All this, without any added sugars, ensuring your sweet cravings are satiated in a healthier way.


MEC3 Dia & Light Vanilla Gelato i is designed with maximum practicality for the user. The gelato blend is ready to be mixed with cold water, reducing preparation time and ensuring freshness with each serving. The process is designed to be simple, ensuring that you can whip up a batch of artisanal Italian ice cream in the comfort of your own kitchen.


To enhance the user experience and facilitate consumer awareness, an attractive line of flavor markers and counter displays is also provided. These handy markers provide nutrition facts for the various gelato flavors, offering transparency and helping consumers make an informed choice about their dessert options.


By opting for MEC3 Dia & Light Vanilla Gelato, you are choosing a dessert that respects your health choices while not compromising on flavor. It's time to embrace this revolution in the world of gelato and delight in its nutritious and delicious offering.

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