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Active Yeast (Case of 20)

Active Yeast (Case of 20)

by Eagle Yeast

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Case (20 - 2 lb blocks)

Lalaferm Yeast is a living, single-celled organism derived from a pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown on molasses or other sugar sources and other nutrients to provide consistent balanced fermentation resulting in excellent gas production and retention as well as optimum dough conditioning in a variety of applications. Lalaferm Yeast has the added benefit of elevated naturally occurring Vitamin D2 a vegetarian source as opposed to D3 coming from animals. The yeast will have a pleasant, typical odor. Color will vary depending on the substrate the yeast is grown in and the growing (fermentation) environment necessary to provide a product with the desired consistent performance and microbiological characteristics.

Packaging: Bag

Shelf Life: Compressed yeast (block) recommended maximum 21 days and Crumbled yeast (bag) recommended maximum 14 days.

Applications: All types of yeast raised baked and frozen products: white pan breads, variety breads, buns, danish rolls, sweet rolls, pretzels, bagels etc.

Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-2644

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