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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 4/3 LT

by Bakers Authority


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High quality olive oil is made by crushing olives using a cold press system. The "cold pressed" system eliminates any amount heat to a minimum. Heat changes the flavor, aroma, and acidity of the oil. 

Olive oils are low in acidity because of this process. Our oils are also true extra virgin. This means only the oil from the first press was used. Repeated pressing of olives creates friction, which in turn makes heat that can change the nature of the oil. Extra virgin oil is the purest form of olive oil. In addition, our oils are bottled in dark glass bottles since light can make oils go rancid. Many grocery store brands are stored in clear bottles and are heavily processed. oils are the closest thing to olives off the tree. Try it yourself and taste the difference!

Enjoy bulk extra virgin olive oil at wholesale pricing.

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