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Fig Filling Orchard
Fig Filling Orchard

Fig Filling Orchard

by Orchard

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Orchard's fig filling is your culinary partner when you want to create a mouthwatering range of baked goods, including delectable fig newtons, enticing hamantaschens, sumptuous pastries, and delightful cookies.


This exceptional fig filling is created from top-quality, all-natural figs. The filling showcases the luscious texture and unique sweetness of figs, offering a depth of flavor that significantly enhances your baked treats. Ideal for both professional and home bakers, the fig filling adds a gourmet touch to any recipe, transforming your baking into extraordinary creations.


From the rich, earthy essence of the fig newtons to the fruity delight of the hamantaschens, this fig filling is the secret ingredient that brings a layer of sophistication to your baked goods. Perfect for pastries, the filling provides a sweetly nuanced, complex flavor that pairs wonderfully with the buttery goodness of your dough. Cookies, too, become a sensation with the Orchard's fig filling, adding a burst of sweetness that makes every bite an experience to savor.


Fig filling from Orchard's is available in bulk quantities, making it an ideal option for bakeries, restaurants, and other foodservice operations. Bulk purchasing means you can always have a generous supply of this gourmet filling on hand to meet your baking needs.mWhat's more, Orchard's offers their premium fig filling at wholesale pricing. This means you can enjoy the superior quality of Orchard's fig filling without straining your budget. Whether you are a professional chef or an aspiring home baker, Orchard's fig filling offers an affordable way to infuse your baked goods with the exquisite taste of all-natural figs.


Orchard's fig filling delivers an all-natural, quality product that is versatile, cost-effective, and guaranteed to elevate your baked goods. With Orchard's, you're not just baking — you're creating unforgettable culinary experiences. Enjoy Orchard's bulk fig filling at wholesale pricing.


Fig Filling Bulk Packaging: 45 lb Pail

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Item Number: D-0936-45LB

Orchard Foods brand ready to use fillings, glazes, & spreads are manufactured from only the finest chopped fruits. Having a consistency that allows the fruit to flow uninterrupted through a filling pump or pastry bag, our products come fully prepared and are made with only the best ingredients including New York State Apples, Michigan Cherries, and Wild Maine Blueberries

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