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Pastry Star Blueberry Filling 70% - 20 LBS

Pastry Star Blueberry Filling 70% - 20 LBS

by Pastry Star

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Less sugar & starch. More fruit. No artificial color or flavor. Wild blueberries of grade A are used. Pies, toppings, and danishes are just a few of the possibilities. Wild Blueberry pie filling is a fruit filling created with grade A wild blueberries and a starch basis. It's great for filling pies and topping danishes and other sweets, among other things. Pastry Star pie and tart fillings offer a deep flavor and abundance of exquisite whole fruit. No preparation or refrigeration is required; use straight from the jar. On a hot summer day, enjoy the taste of blueberry pie with our bulk wild blueberry at wholesale prices.

Blueberry Filling Bulk Packaging: 20 lbs Pail

Allergen Information: None

Ingredients: Blueberry, Water, Sugar, Food Starch, Glucose Syrup, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Salt.


Shelf Life:

Unopened, Refrigerated (34°F-36°F): 3 Months

Opened, Refrigerated (34°F-36°F): 3 Weeks


Tips & Handling: Product will retain quality for 6 months unopened and refrigerated (34°F-36°F) and 3 weeks opened and refrigerated.


Item Number: PS00519


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