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MEC3 Fior di Maracuja

MEC3 Fior di Maracuja

by Mec3

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MEC3 Fior di Maracuja, a product originating from Ecuador, is renowned for the tantalizingly exotic flavor it brings to the palate. The term "Fior di Maracuja" translates to "Flower of Passion Fruit", capturing the essence of this fruit's allure.


The Maracuja, or Passion Fruit as it is more commonly known, thrives in Ecuador's warm climate. The region's ideal weather conditions and fertile soil play a crucial role in producing this distinctive fruit, characterized by its vibrant aroma, tangy flavor, and an abundance of seeds.


MEC3 Fior di Maracuja brings the essence of the tropics to the table, offering the taste of the exotic Maracuja in a variegate form. Variegate refers to a type of food ingredient, often used in ice cream, that is swirled or mixed with another substance. It typically has a contrasting color or flavor to the main component. In this case, the MEC3 Fior di Maracuja variegate is rich in Maracuja seeds, amplifying its unique taste and texture.


In culinary applications, the MEC3 Fior di Maracuja can inspire a myriad of exotic and tropical combinations. It's versatile enough to be used in a variety of desserts and beverages, from ice creams, sorbets, and mousses to cocktails and smoothies. The distinctive taste of Maracuja not only enhances the flavor profile of these dishes but also adds a touch of the tropics, whisking the senses away to sun-kissed landscapes and balmy breezes.


In essence, MEC3 Fior di Maracuja is a celebration of the vibrant, tropical Passion Fruit. Whether it's utilized as a variegate in ice cream or infused into a refreshing beverage, it adds a note of exoticism that can elevate any culinary creation. Enjoy bulk MEC3 Fior di Maracuja at wholesale pricing.





Item number: D-A200 / MEC3-18195A

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