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Frozen Passion Fruit Puree Boiron

Frozen Passion Fruit Puree Boiron

by Boiron

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Exotic, refreshing and delicious! This versatile passion fruit puree is made from meticulously selected passion fruit. The pasteurizing process of rapid heating and cooling adapted to this particular fruit preserves the fresh taste and color. Defrost the puree in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours before using, or in the microwave at moderate temperature. No added sugar! Use them to create delicious cocktails, smoothies, and pie fillings. Enjoy bulk frozen passion fruit puree boiron at wholesale pricing.





Weight: 2.2 lbs container (1 PC ONLY)


Ingredient (s): 100% passion fruit puree


Before unfreeze: -18 Degree Celsius


Item Number: D-2766


Defrosting mode and storage after opening:

In order to maintain all the sensory qualities of our product, Les vergers Boiron recommend to defrost the product in its original closed packaging, for information at a temperature between 35°F and 39°F (+2 / +4°C), 24 hours minimum.
If needed you can also defrost the product in its original packaging in bain-marie or at a mild temperature in a micro-wave oven.
In order to obtain a perfectly homogenous product, Les vergers Boiron recommend, to defrost the whole product and mix it.
After defrosting, the product can be stored according to the recommendations of the technical specification at +35/+39°F (+2 / +4°C) in its closed packaging.
Defrosting and storage after defrosting are the users responsibility and must be done in accordance with good hygiene and HACCP practices. DO NOT REFREEZE A DEFROSTED PRODUCT

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