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Frozen Prickly Pear Puree Andros **1kg**

Frozen Prickly Pear Puree Andros **1kg**

by Andros

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The Andros Chef prickly pear puree is doing an excellent choice to surprising recipes. The puree has a beautiful purple color and a liquid texture that makes a great addition to beverages such as lemonade or mojitos. It brings a fresh exotic taste to desserts into jelly and sorbet or any number of other sweet treats and used in vinaigrettes for salads or other savory dishes. 

Thaw and gently stir before use. Suggested applications: in fruit mousse, inserts, ganache truffle, sorbet, pâte de fruit, cocktails, etc. Enjoy bulk frozen prickly pear puree at wholesale pricing.

Store at -18°C (0°F)

After thawing, store in it's sealed packaging for 5 days in the refrigerator (+2°C/+4°C). DO NOT refreeze after thawing.

Andros recommend to:
- Thaw the product in its original and sealed packaging, at +2 / +4°C (36°F / 39°F) to keep all the organoleptic qualities of the product.
- Thaw the whole product and stir it before using.
Thawing and preservation after thawing are under user's responsibility



Weight: 2.2 lbs container

Ingredient (s): 92% fruit / 8% sugar.

Shelf Life: 2 years + end of month after production date


Item Number: D-61422-EA

Defrosting mode and storage after opening:

Andros has developed an ingredient offer thanks to the skills of its fruit sourcing team and generations of expertise, Andros Chef can give the gastronomic community access to the broadest range of 100% natural fruit ingredients, with no added flavoring.

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