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Frozen Yolks with 10% Sugar

Frozen Yolks with 10% Sugar

by Newberg

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Frozen egg yolk with sugar is a pasteurized liquid egg yolk product with added sugar that is packaged in a thirty pound square tub and frozen for longer shelf life.  Frozen sugared egg yolks are egg yolks with sugar added to make sweet confections and sauces. Make hollandaise or sweet, soft cookies by using frozen sugared egg yolks. Frozen sugared egg yolks are ready to use right out of the container and have been pasteurized to prevent salmonella. Enjoy baking sweet bread with bulk frozen sugared egg yolks. Enjoy Newberg's bulk frozen sugar egg yolks at wholesale pricing.

Frozen Yolks with 10% Sugar Bulk Packaging: 30 lb Pail

Shelf Life: 365 days

UPC Code: 460255200100

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Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-2542

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