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MEC3 Funky Malty Gelato

MEC3 Funky Malty Gelato

by Mec3

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Gelato changes music

Funky Malty is a groove of unique flavors that mixes Malt and black notes of cocoa with crunchy sonority. Introduce the rhythm to the gelato shop!

A mixture of soul, blues, jazz and R&B generates funk, the most rhythmic and danceable music genre of the last 50 years. Black, intense, addictive and unrestricted just like the new MEC3 gelato.

Funky Malty has the catchiest riff: the barley malt vibrates like an electric bass; the cocoa-like a powerful roll of drums. An irresistible rhythm of flavors and an appetizing melody of grains produce an authentic taste and an unmistakable style.

Transform your gelato shop into a dance hall with a retro atmosphere, the sound of vinyl, fuzzy hair and Marshall Speakers. No one resists when it comes to the rhythm of funky and nobody will be able to resist the flavor of Funky Malty!

  • The most provocative novelty for your showcase.
  • Quality and outstanding lusciousness.
  • A careful selection and expert processing of the raw materials.


Composition of the box:

N. 2 cans of 6 Kg


100 g product + 1 Kg White Base

Add 100 g of Funky Malty for each Kg of white base and batch freeze the mixture.

Variegate as desired using Funky Malty.


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