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All Trumps Flour - High Gluten (Unbleached, Unbromated)

All Trumps Flour - High Gluten (Unbleached, Unbromated)

by General Mills

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The premium high gluten spring wheat flour, All Trumps is a true legend in the baking industry and continues to be the standard against which all high gluten flours are measured.


All Trumps Flour is a premium, high gluten, spring wheat flour that has been a beloved staple in the baking industry for years. Known for its exceptional strength and consistency, this enriched, unbleached, and unbromated flour sets the bar for high gluten flours in the market.


Its versatility is a baker's delight - perfect for creating hearty rolls, artisanal breads, authentic bagels, and delightfully chewy pizza crusts. Whether it's a loaf of bread served warm from the oven with whipped butter and strawberry jam, or a beautiful flatbread topped with roasted veggies, melted cheese, and chopped herbs, All Trumps Flour makes it possible.


This flour is milled from a carefully chosen blend of hard wheat and comes in a bulk 50 lb package. Its high protein content, at 14.2%, contributes to the creation of firmer, stronger dough. This quality makes it the go-to choice for thin pizza crusts and similar delicacies.


Its superior quality is evident in its list of ingredients: Wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid. It's important to note that this flour does contain wheat ingredients.


All Trumps Flour's exceptional strength and consistency come from its high protein content, the highest among hard red spring wheat flours. This makes it an excellent choice for specialty breads, hard rolls, thin crust pizzas, and bagels.


A 14.2% protein content, 0.56% ash, and 14.0% maximum moisture make up its chemical composition. This high-gluten flour is specially formulated to have most of the starch removed, leaving more protein. The result? A higher rise and lighter texture in yeast breads. Malted barley flour and vitamin C or potassium bromate are also included to improve yeast activity and dough elasticity.


To maximize its shelf life, All Trumps Flour should be stored in a clean, dry area with a temperature less than 80°F and a relative humidity of 70% or less. Under these conditions, the storage life is 12 months from the manufacture date. Given its susceptibility to insect infestation, regular monitoring is advised. For effective inventory control, follow a first-in, first-out policy.


The manufacturing code information is printed on the side of the bag. It includes details like the day, month, year, plant code, and potentially additional information such as line number, shift, and time.


All Trumps Flour is the top pick for professional bakers seeking high-gluten, high-quality flour that consistently delivers superior results. Experience the difference and versatility that All Trumps Flour brings to your kitchen! Enjoy bulk All Trumps flour at wholesale pricing.

All Trumps Flour - High Gluten Packaging: 50 lb Bag

All Trumps Flour - High Gluten Pallet: 50 - 50 lb Bags

All Trumps Flour - High Gluten UPC Code: 016000501430

All Trumps Flour - High Gluten Applications: Use for thin crust pizza, bagels, rolls

All Trumps Flour - High Gluten Protein: 14.2%

All Trumps Flour - High Gluten Item Number: D-0509

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