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Pastry Star Glucose Powder 25 LBS

Pastry Star Glucose Powder 25 LBS

by Pastry Star

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Pastry Star Glucose Powder can be used to avoid crystallization and keep products smooth. You can use it in ice creams, sorbets, fillings, and soft biscuits. Use to avoid crystallization & keep products smooth. This product is Clean Label, Kosher Pareve. Pastry Star Glucose Powder is a versatile addition to any baker or confectioner's pantry. Derived from corn, this natural sweetener not only lends a mild sweetness but also acts as a stabilizer. Its anti-crystallizing properties ensure that textures remain consistent, which is especially vital in creations like ice creams and sorbets where a grainy texture can be off-putting. This powder serves as a boon for recipes where smoothness and consistency are paramount.


Moreover, Pastry Star Glucose Powder's Clean Label assures consumers of its quality and purity, eliminating any worries about artificial additives or chemicals. Its Kosher Pareve certification further ensures it meets strict dietary guidelines, making it suitable for a wider range of consumers. Whether you're whipping up a batch of soft, chewy biscuits or crafting a velvety sorbet, this glucose powder is the secret ingredient to perfecting your dessert's texture. Enjoy bulk Pastry Star Glucose Powder at wholesale pricing.


Packaging: 25 lbs.


Allergen Information: None


Ingredients: Glucose.


Cool, Dry: 12 Months


Tips & Handling: Twelve months under cool, dry conditions. To prevent formation of condensate, do not refrigerate.


Item Number: PS40402

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