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GOJO Hand Soap Dispenser LTX-12

GOJO Hand Soap Dispenser LTX-12

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Looking for a touch-free soap dispenser for your venue? The GOJO LTX model is your answer! With its infrared sensor, it ensures soap is only dispensed when needed, promoting efficiency and cost-saving.


Hand soaps play a vital role in maintaining hygiene, washing away everyday dirt. For more challenging grime, particularly in industrial settings, heavy-duty hand cleaners are a must. Dispensers for both these cleaners make it effortless for users to obtain the right amount, ensuring effective cleaning. Enhance the dispenser's utility in your facility with additional pumps and accessories.


Effortless Refilling

Designed with a user-friendly approach, this dispenser features a prominent front window, a modern skylight, and an indicator light. These features make it a breeze for your staff to check the soap levels. When it's time for a refill, just unlatch the two side clasps and access the front compartment. For units that are lock-converted, simply undo the top screw.


Hygienic Touchless Feature

Perfectly suited for limited spaces, this compact dispenser is designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, thanks to its touch-free mechanism.



Depth: 4 Inches

Capacity: 1200 ml

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