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Admiration Unsalted Margarine 30 lb

Admiration Unsalted Margarine 30 lb

by Admiration

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Unsalted margarine is the nondairy alternative to unsalted butter. For those who prefer nondairy, margarine is the perfect substitute for butter. Margarine also contains less saturated fat than butter, and unlike butter, contains no cholesterol. Our unsalted margarine is available in bulk in a 30 pound box.


Unsalted margarine is preferable to use when baking, since unsalted margarine has a neutral taste and give you more control over what the food tastes like. Unsalted margarine has lower sodium than salted margarine and is perfect to make pies, cookies, cakes, and any delicious treats for those who in the mood for a nondairy dessert. Check out our Admiration Unsalted Margarine, available in bulk or for home use.


Unsalted Margarine Packaging: 30 lb Box

Unsalted Margarine Pallet: 48 - 30 lb Box

Shelf Life: 6 months

Allergen Information: Contains Soy

Applications: Designed and formulated without added salt for a variety of bakery, food processing and food service applications. Smooth and consistent texture.

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Item Number: D-0318-A

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