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Whole & Broken Glace Red Cherries
Whole & Broken Glace Red Cherries

Whole & Broken Glace Red Cherries

by Gray & Company

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Grace cherries are candied cherries coated with a delicious syrup. The difference between glace red cherries vs. maraschino is that maraschino are not candied cherries. Maraschino should not be used as a substitute for glace cherries when baking a fruit cake. Glace red cherries are a great treat, and are used to make holiday fruit cake, as well as a nice, fancy treat for celebrations. Enjoy the sweet taste of bulk glace red cherries at wholesale pricing.


Whole & Broken Glace Red Cherries Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Box


Whole & Broken Glace Red Cherries Bulk Packaging: 30 lb Box


Whole & Broken Glace Red Cherries Recipe Tips: There are a few ways to bake with whole and broken glace red cherries. One way is to simply add them to the batter or dough before baking. Another option is to make a cherry sauce or compote to serve over pancakes, waffles, ice cream, or other desserts.

Shelf Life: Shelf Life: 2.5 Years (30 months) from date of pack when stored in original, unopened packaging

Allergen Information: May contain pits or pit fragments

UPC Code: 900000008982

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Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-3029-30LB

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