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Granulated Almonds - Blanched 12/8 diced

Granulated Almonds - Blanched 12/8 diced

by Bakers Authority

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Whether in a sliced, granulated or flour-like form, nutmeats and nut flours add color, texture and flavor to countless products. Blanching the nuts adds a refined flavor while light dry roasting intensifies their taste. Blanched almonds are almonds that have their skin removed. Granulated almonds are chopped up almonds. Blanched granulated almonds not only make a great snack or a garnish on salads, but are great to make nut flavored desserts. Make almond horns, almond cake with our blanched granulated almonds. Enjoy our bulk blanched granulated almonds at wholesale pricing.


Granulated Almonds - Blanched 12/8 Diced Bulk Packaging: 30 lb Bulk Box

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Item Number: D-2310

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