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Granulated Garlic
Granulated Garlic

Granulated Garlic

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Granulated garlic is made from dried minced garlic which is grounded to make a fine powder. Granulated garlic is also sometimes called garlic powder. Granulated garlic is an easy to use alternative to fresh garlic. Granulated garlic has many cooking uses. Granulated garlic is great to add as a seasoning to chicken, to eggs, and much more. Check out our granulated garlic, available in bulk or wholesale.


Granulated Garlic Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Bag

Granulated Garlic Bulk Packaging: 50 lb Bag

Granulated Garlic Bulk Pallet: 50 - 50 lb Bags


Granulated Garlic Recipe Tips: Garlic is a great way to add flavor to your recipes. You can use it fresh or ground, or you can buy it in granulated form. Here's how to use granulated garlic in a recipe:

1. Add the garlic powder to the recipe where called for.
2. If the recipe calls for wet ingredients, such as olive oil or water, stir in the garlic powder with those ingredients before adding them to the recipe.
3. If the Recipe calls for fresh garlic, use 3 times the amount called for.


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