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Half Parisian Frozen Baguette
Half Parisian Frozen Baguette

Half Parisian Frozen Baguette


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Introducing the Half Parisian Frozen Baguette, a perfect fusion of authentic French baking traditions and modern convenience. Sourced from the heart of France, each loaf embodies the very essence of the iconic Parisian baguette: a crisp golden crust giving way to a tender, aromatic interior. The delicate balance of flavor and texture is achieved through a rigorous selection of high-quality ingredients and a time-honored baking process, capturing the soul of the City of Lights in every bite.


For the professional bakeries and restaurants seeking both quality and efficiency, half Parisian baguette offers an unparalleled advantage. These loaves arrive frozen, ensuring the freshest experience upon thawing and baking. Say goodbye to the long hours of dough preparation and hello to consistently delightful results. Simply bake them to perfection as your kitchen demands, guaranteeing fresh, warm, and crispy baguettes for your customers every time. Whether served as a sandwich base, a side to a hearty soup, or simply with butter and jam, Half Parisian Baguette ensures a taste journey straight to the cobblestone streets of Paris. Enjoy bulk Half Parisian Frozen Baguette at wholesale pricing.


Packaging: 30 -150g - 5.29oz

Preparation Instructions:

30 MIN at 20°C (68°F)

13-15 MIN at 190°C (374°F)

Country of Origin:


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-4716

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