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MEC3 Hazelnut Maxima Gelato Paste

MEC3 Hazelnut Maxima Gelato Paste

by Mec3

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Premium Line is a special line of pastes dedicated to the classic flavors of the Italian gelato tradition, to which MEC3 devotes particular attention in the selection of ingredients and their processing.

Maxima Hazelnut offers the finest hazelnuts for the most demanding palates, in a gelato with a unique delicacy and creaminess, where the full range of hazelnut nuances emerges immediately.


MEC3 Hazelnut Maxima Gelato Paste is a top quality product made with only the best ingredients. It is perfect for those who love the taste of hazelnut and want to enjoy it in gelato, sorbet or any other dessert. MEC3 Hazelnut Maxima Gelato Paste is made with natural hazelnuts. This means that you can enjoy the rich flavor of hazelnut without any worries. The paste is also Kosher certified.


ORIGIN: ITALY; Campania & Piedmont.


QUALITY: Mortarella + Tonda Gentile Trilobata.


INGREDIENTS: Hazelnut paste (99.4%), flavorings.


FEATURES: MORTARELLA; medium-small fruit, subcylindrical and compressed at the sides, the shell is rather thin with a pale brown color with light stripes. The ivory-white pulp is consistent and aromatic. TONDA GENTILE TRILOBATA;  spherical shaped seed; taste and aroma excellent after toasting, easy to shell, good shelf life. 


CHARACTERISTICS: Medium-light toasting.


RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 100g per Kg of base mixture.


PACKAGING: tins of 5 Kg.


THE GELATO: The paste undergoes a medium-high toasting process, and a mixture of flavorings are added to bring out the best of the flavor. 

Resulting in a  Gelato with an immediate persistent hazelnut taste. 

Its intense aroma recall caramel and bread crusts, these are the characteristics typical of the Mortarella Campania Hazelnut. 


Sensory analysis hazelnut maxima MEC3 paste for ice cream


PROPORTIONS: 100 g per kg of mixture

Item: D-A031/MEC-14062A

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