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Clear Liquid Shortening Oil

Clear Liquid Shortening Oil

by Healthy Brand

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Our clear liquid shortening oil is a great nondairy alternative to using butter. Clear liquid shortening oil is made from vegetable oil, and shortening and oil can be substituted for one another. Using clear liquid shortening oil in place of butter allows for a softer, flakier and more tender pastry. Enjoy our bulk clear liquid shortening oil at wholesale pricing.

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Healthy Brand Oil is dedicated to providing the best customer service in our industry. We have distinguished ourselves from our competitors with our focus on providing superior products with superior service. Healthy Brand Oil is located in Long Island City, NY. Our fast and convenient pick up location sets us apart from our competitors. All of our oil products are kosher certified by (OU) and have certificates of origins to ensure our customers know they are receiving only the best. Our staff is experienced in providing excellent customer service and support throughout the cooking oil industry.

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