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Honey Wheat Doughnut Mix

Honey Wheat Doughnut Mix

by Efco

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Honey wheat doughnut mix is a sweet, crunchy grain-based doughnut mix with an old fashioned flavor. Make sweet doughnuts quickly and easily with Efco's honey wheat doughnut mix. Honey wheat doughnut mix makes honey wheat doughnuts and can also be used to make muffins and honey wheat cake. Enjoy bulk honey wheat doughnut mix at wholesale pricing.

Honey Wheat Doughnut Mix Bulk Packaging: 50 lb Bag

Shelf Life: 6 months.

Allergen Information: Contains wheat, soybean, egg, and milk products.

Item Number: D-2904

Millions of people every day, around the world, enjoy sweet and savory products that include one of our fine products. EFCO is a global leader in ingredients for wholesale bakeries, chain restaurant operators, retail bakeries, food processors, frozen food manufacturers, and supermarket bakeries. We offer an ever growing portfolio of off-the-shelf products and custom formulated products that include bakery fillings, bakery mixes and concentrates, beverage bases + syrups, fruit and specialty toppings and other specialty ingredients. When it comes to great baking, it all starts with the mix. EFCO has some of the finest bakery mixes available and range from cake Doughnut and yeast raised Doughnut mixes to muffin and specialty mixes. Application-after-application, our mixes are consistent and always fresh, giving your customers one of the finest experiences possible. The superb flavor and texture of our mixes are matched only by their floor tolerance and ease-of-use. And for those businesses that want to use their own bulk sugar and flour already on-hand, our mix concentrates are an ideal solution. And while the process may be streamlined, reducing overall costs, the flavor never is. Businesses all over the world count on us to formulate concentrates for cakes, muffins, Doughnuts and other fine items. Concentrates are ideal for large wholesale baking operations. EFCO Mixes combine excellent shelf life and outstanding machine ability. These specialized mixes assure a uniform product and mouth-watering taste for a wide variety of Danish, pastries, coffee cakes, and rolls.

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