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Hy-tex Frozen Egg

Hy-tex Frozen Egg

by Papetti's

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Hy-tex frozen eggs are ideal to preserve and extend the shelf life of eggs. Hy-tex frozen egg is a pasteurized liquid egg blend product that is packaged in a thirty pound pail and frozen for longer shelf life and is packaged in a manner that will allow the egg to extend the shelf life when stored at zero degrees or below. Hy-tex frozen egg is great for cooking and baking. Enjoy bulk Hy-tex Frozen Egg at wholesale pricing.


Hy-tex Frozen Egg Bulk Packaging: 30 lb Pail

Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-2577

Papetti's was founded over 100 years ago on one principle: to meet the needs of every customer. While the brand has grown and diversified in the decades since, that one principle - meeting customers' needs - is still the guiding force today. As a staple in the Michael Foods portfolio, Papetti's is the #1 foodservice brand for value-added eggs. Which means you can find exactly the kind of product - and service - you're looking for.

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