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Isomalt ST-M Crystals

Isomalt ST-M Crystals

by Bakers Authority

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Isomalt ST-M crystals is a low-calorie sucrose-based sugar substitute derived from beet sugar. It does not brown like sugar does and resists fracturing, so it is most often used for making edible decorations. Isomalt crystals are a sugar sweetener substitute that is 100% sugar-free and even helps to prevent tooth decay. Isomalt has a sweetening profile almost equal to sucrose but with half the calories! While used in many food applications, Isomalt is the number one sugar replacer worldwide in hard candies and is perfect for baking.

Low hygroscopicity reduces stickiness & ensures longer shelf-life.
Isomalt by BENEO has a lower hygroscopicity than most polyols, and significantly lower than sugar. It absorbs practically no moisture at room temperature and at relatively high humidity levels. Isomalt prevents hard-boiled candies and compressed mints from becoming sticky or moist so that even unwrapped items can be packaged together, guaranteeing longer shelf life.

Contrary to other polyols, Isomalt significantly contributes to the color brilliance of coatings of e.g. sugar-free chewing gum and chewy candies, as it can be applied in a single syrup process. Isomalt also creates visually attractive, transparent high boiled candies and lollipops.

Isomalt can be used for an optimized taste and has a very similar profile to sugar with about half the sweetness of sucrose. The use allows for formulations with a very natural taste profile because like sucrose, it has nearly no cooling effect. When combined with high-intensity sweeteners, it can generate a synergistic sweetness profile without producing any bad taste or aftertaste.

Its mild sweetness brings a better flavor release in subtle and delicate fruit flavors. In sugar-free chewing gum or fruit-flavored hard candies, this is perfectly complemented by Isomalt's low solubility, which improves flavor retention and therefore increased enjoyment. As Isomalt absorbs virtually no moisture, it benefits the crunchiness of coated applications. It also ensures a smooth surface in deposited candies and lollipops avoiding sharp cracks and edges that can compromise indulgence.


Food applications with Isomalt:

  • Baked goods
  • Breakfast cereals & cereal bars
  • Chewing gum centers & coatings
  • Chocolate
  • Coated products
  • Compressed tablets
  • Hard-boiled candies
  • Low boiled candies
  • Frozen desserts
  • Fruit spreads
  • Solution finder

Nutritional benefits of Isomalt: 


  • Sugar replacer:
  • Facilitates sugar-free products
  • Tooth friendly:
  • Keeps teeth healthy
  • Weight management:
  • Reduces calories
  • Supports a low glycaemic diet:
  • Sugar levels less is more

    Isomalt ST-M Crystals Bulk Packaging: 55 lb Bag

    Isomalt ST-M Crystals Bulk Pallet: 30 - 55 lb Bag

    Item Number: D-0135

    Pallet: 30 - 55 lb bags

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