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Choc-Dip: Quick Drying Chocolate Coating

Choc-Dip: Quick Drying Chocolate Coating

by J & K Ingredients

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Choc-Dip is a superior, high-gloss, quick-drying coating icing that can be frozen. Choc-Dip ideal for pouring directly on top of pastry products, but can also be kept in a large container and used as a dip. It has as been designed as a fast, no-fault way to dip, glaze or cover pastry items such as doughnuts, cookies, cannoli shells, and biscottis. It is also very useful for striating or adding chocolate stripes in a marble cake. Once poured, it will dry to a hardened, shiny shell in only a few seconds. Now it's also available in white and colors. Check out our Cho-Dip, quick-drying chocolate coating, available in bulk or wholesale.


Packaging: Pail

Shelf Life: 12 months

Allergen Information: The following ingredients are derived from an allergenic source: Soybean Oil. The following ingredients are considered to be allergic with protein present: The named product above does not contain any Sulfates

Applications: Product uses include, but not limited to Doughnuts, cookies, petit fours, and crackers. Dries instantly and its lasting gloss will not be affected by freezing.

Preparation Instructions: Melt in Double Boiler to 120 F working range 105 - 115 F

Country of Origin:

USA, Netherlands

Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-1473

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