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Sir Galahad Artisan Flour 50lbs.

Sir Galahad Artisan Flour 50lbs.

by King Arthur

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Sir Galahad Artisan Flour, meticulously milled from high-grade hard wheat, is an extraordinary choice for bakers and pastry chefs who value quality and consistency. This versatile flour aligns with the specifications of a French Type 55 flour, recognized globally for its exceptional performance in bread and pastry making. Often described as all-purpose or low-protein bread flour, it's a highly adaptive ingredient that has a broad range of uses in the bakery.


Sir Galahad Artisan Flour's characteristics make it an excellent choice for a variety of yeasted pastries and artisan breads. The flour's low protein content, while still providing enough gluten for structure and rise, ensures bread that is tender and light with a delightfully soft crumb. This balance of protein contributes to the dough's extensibility, allowing it to be easily shaped without tearing, making it a trusted ally for bread bakers.


One standout feature of Sir Galahad Artisan Flour is its remarkable fermentation tolerance. This means it can endure long fermentation times, often required in artisan bread making, without weakening the dough's structure. It ensures the final product has a complex flavor, excellent texture, and an attractive crust, capturing the essence of slow-fermented, artisanal bread.


Beyond bread, this flour is also ideal for laminated doughs, such as croissants and danishes. It provides enough strength for dough to be rolled and folded multiple times without breaking, while still resulting in a finished product that is flaky and tender. Moreover, it's a reliable choice for producing the thin, yet sturdy base found in Neapolitan pizzas, yielding a crust with the perfect balance of chewiness and crispness.


Although Sir Galahad Artisan Flour is an expert choice for yeasted products, it performs exceptionally well in other baked goods as well. It's a fantastic option for cookies, offering a light texture and excellent spread. For scones and quick breads, it provides a tender crumb and height, making your creations an instant hit.


Available at wholesale pricing, bulk orders of Sir Galahad Artisan Flour offer significant cost savings for both commercial bakeries and serious home bakers. This means you can uphold the quality of your baked goods without compromising on the budget.


Sir Galahad Artisan Flour serves as a versatile and reliable addition to your baking supplies. It offers a harmonious balance of protein for strength and flexibility, ensuring your baked creations are not only delicious but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're baking for a café, running a restaurant, or simply passionate about home baking, this flour delivers consistent, high-quality results every time. Enjoy bulk Sir Galahad Artisan flour at wholesale pricing.


Artisan Flour Specifications:

Artisan Flour Shelf life: 180 days when stored cool and dry Do not eat raw flour, dough, or batter. This product is a raw agricultural product that is not subjected to a microbiological kill step and is therefore intended for further processing. The product is prepared by cleaning, grinding, and sifting sound wheat in accordance with current FDA regulations.

Artisan Flour Net Weight: 50 lb

Artisan Flour Bag cubic feet: .91

Artisan Flour Ingredients: Unbleached hard wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mono-nitrate, riboflavin, folic acid

Artisan Flour Protein: 11.7%

Artisan Flour Packaging: Bag

Artisan Flour GMO: Non-GMO

Artisan Flour Item Number: D-0546

King Arthur Mfg #: 12050 

Artisan Flour UPC: 0 71012 12050 5 

Artisan Flour Country of Origin: Norwich, Vermont


King Arthur Flour, founded in 1790, is the oldest flour company in the United States. Located in Norwich, VT, the company operates its own retail bakery, Baking Education Center, Baker`s catalog, and Baker`s store from its Vermont headquarters. Today the company is 100% employee-owned with over 375 employee-owners who are passionate about baking. In addition to providing the highest quality flour of unparalleled consistency, our mission also includes helping people become better bakers through education and inspiring fellowship among people through the creative joy of baking. King Arthur flours adhere to the tightest tolerances in the milling industry. Protein content never varies more than 0.2%, and ash 0.02%. Equally narrow tolerances apply to mixing performance characteristics. This guarantees consistency in performance and a perfect final product every time.

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