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Organic Cane Sugar (50LB)
Organic Cane Sugar (50LB)

Organic Cane Sugar (50LB)

by Baker's Authority

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Bakers Authority Organic Cane Sugar is made from organic sugar cane grown in Paraguay. The cane juice, rich in molasses, vitamins, and minerals, is squeezed from fresh sugar cane, evaporated, and crystallized. The result is a blonde-colored, perfectly sweet natural sugar that will enhance your favorite coffee, tea, cereal, or baked goods. Use as a one-for-one replacement for refined white sugar.


Bake better with our organic cane sugar (50 lbs)! Provides a smooth, mild flavor with a slight aroma. Bakers Authority has wholesale pricing on bulk sweeteners.


Bakers Authority has a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture. Organic farming eliminates the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators synthetically produced. Its production system is based on crop rotation, animal manure, legumes, green manure, mechanical cultivation, natural minerals, and biological pest control to maintain soil structure, provide nutrients for plants, control insects, weeds, and other pests. In adherence to strict organic standards, the sugar cane fields are green cut and are not burned or treated with herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. This is better for the environment, which ultimately, we believe is better for everyone. This also creates the highest quality, most delicious-tasting unrefined sugar you can find. In all the industrial processes until packaging, no chemical components are used in our organic cane sugar. It is a quality and ecologically correct sugar. 


Buy organic cane sugar in 50 lbs bags or by the pallet and never run out of stock.




Organic Cane Sugar Allergen Information: No known allergens

Organic Cane Sugar Gluten Information: Gluten-free

Organic Cane Sugar Texture: Organic Sugar Extra Light

Organic Cane Sugar Country of Origin: Paraguay

Organic Cane Sugar Description: Organic cane sugar made from Non-GMO organic sugar cane

Organic Cane Sugar Ingredients: Organic cane sugar

Organic Cane Sugar Manufacturer: Jalles Machado S/A

Organic Cane Sugar Color: A very light golden color. 

Organic Cane Sugar Flavor: Produced to provide a smooth, mild flavor with slight, fruity aroma

Organic Cane Sugar Packaging: Bag

Organic Cane Sugar Kosher Certification: KOF-K

Organic Cane Sugar Item Number: D-0112


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