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SAF Instant Yeast Gold Label
SAF Instant Yeast Gold Label

SAF Instant Yeast Gold Label

by Lesaffre Yeast Corporation


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SAF-Instant Yeast Gold label is recommended for the following baked goods: bagels, english muffins, baguettes, flat breads, crackers, hearth breads, croissants, pan breads, donuts and pizza crust. Enjoy our bulk SAF instant Gold Label yeast at wholesale pricing.


SAF-Instant Yeast is a bakers dry yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) vacuum-packed in foil pouches. Instant yeast derives its name from its ability to rapidly rehydrate in water or when added directly into a dough.

Advantages: 1. This improved version of New SAF-Instant Gold Label provides 10% to 20% more activity. 2. More resistant to preservatives. 3. Provides uniform fermentation throughout your baking system. 4. Vacuum packaging ensures freshness, consistency and minimal activity loss until opened. 5. Provides tolerance to higher dough temperatures. 6. Improves machinability. 7. Free-flowing properties make it as easy to scale and meter as other dry ingredients. 8. Unopened, New SAF-Instant Gold Label needs no refrigeration. 9. Warmer dough temperatures are preferred while using New SAF-Instant Gold Label; this decreases the need to cool doughs to maintain proper fermentation. 10. Can reduce mixing time 10% to 30%, compared to compressed yeast. 


SAF Instant Yeast Gold Label Bulk Packaging: 1 lb Bag


SAF Instant Yeast Gold Label Bulk Case: 20 - 1 lb Bags

Shelf Life: 24 months

Allergen Information: None

Applications: Specifically formulated for: Croissants, Danish Pastries, Doughnuts, sponge and dough bakery products, sweet breads, sweet doughs, variety breads. Active Dry Yeast can be used in all yeast-leavened goods with either straight or sponge doughs. It is normally applied in a ratio of 40% to 50% of compressed yeast weight requirements, depending on the sugar content and type of dough.

Preparation Instructions: Varies with application or intended use. As a starting point, replace active dry yeast with 3/4 the amount of SAF-Instant Yeast or 25 percent less for equivalent fermenting power. A moisture adjustment may be needed. SAF-Instant Yeast will replace compressed yeast on an average at 33-40 percent of compressed yeast levels. When converting from compressed yeast, extra water is required to be added to the dough, approximately double the weight of the yeast. Active dry yeast should be dehydrated with a minimum of 3.5 to 4.0 times its weight in water at 100-110 F (38-43 C)

Country of Origin: Mexico


Kosher Certification

Item Number: D-2649-1LB

Over the years, Saf-instant has become a brand which is well known, recognized and appreciated all over the world and is now the leading product in the international dried yeast market. Thousands of bakers, with vastly different backgrounds, culture and areas of expertise, have relied on Saf-instant for generations. Its image is of a brand that is authentic, unique and innovative. The first instant dry yeast in the market, Saf-instant very quickly revolutionized the baking profession by offering a high quality yeast accessible to all, even in the most difficult bread-making environments. Saf-instant is now the most widely available brand worldwide. It is also the highly accessible to bakers, thanks to a network of particularly dynamic and committed wholesalers. Not by chance is Saf-instant now the baking professional's brand of choice.

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