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SAF Instant Red Label Yeast
SAF Instant Red Label Yeast

SAF Instant Red Label Yeast

by Lesaffre Yeast Corporation


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SAF Instant® Yeast Red is a granular free flowing yeast for use in doughs with sugar levels of up to 12% (flour). Red Label is best for short-time fermentation processes. It provides uniform fermentation throughout your baking system. It provides tolerance to higher dough temperatures and improves machinability. Warmer dough temperatures are preferred while using SAF Instant® Yeast; this decreases the need to cool dough to maintain proper fermentation. It can reduce mixing time 10% to 30%, compared to compressed yeast. SAF-Instant® Yeast Red is recommended for the following baked goods: bagels, english muffins, baguettes, flat breads, crackers, hearth breads, croissants, pan breads, donuts and pizza crust. Enjoy our bulk SAF instant Red Label yeast at wholesale pricing.

SAF Instant Red Label Yeast Bulk Packaging: 1 LB Bag


SAF Instant Red Label Yeast Bulk Packaging: 5 LB Bag


Item Number: D-2648-1LB

Over the years, Saf-instant has become a brand which is well known, recognized and appreciated all over the world and is now the leading product in the international dried yeast market. Thousands of bakers, with vastly different backgrounds, culture and areas of expertise, have relied on Saf-instant for generations. Its image is of a brand that is authentic, unique and innovative. The first instant dry yeast in the market, Saf-instant very quickly revolutionized the baking profession by offering a high quality yeast accessible to all, even in the most difficult bread-making environments. Saf-instant is now the most widely available brand worldwide. It is also the highly accessible to bakers, thanks to a network of particularly dynamic and committed wholesalers. Not by chance is Saf-instant now the baking professional's brand of choice.

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