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Malt Barley Extract (Maltrite) - 60LB BEST BY DATE IS 03/01/23
Malt Barley Extract (Maltrite) - 60LB BEST BY DATE IS 03/01/23

Malt Barley Extract (Maltrite) - 60LB BEST BY DATE IS 03/01/23


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MaltRite™ extracts, derived from the essence of whole-grain malted barley, embody the rich, distinctive flavor and aroma of malt, with variations that can span from a gentle whisper to a robust proclamation of its unique taste.


This isn't just about flavor, though. MaltRite™ stands as a nutritional powerhouse, teeming with maltose, protein, essential amino acids, vital minerals, soluble fiber, and antioxidants. Such an impressive nutrient profile translates into a range of functional benefits when incorporated into various products. From enhancing the golden brown hue of baked goods to controlling crystal formation in confectioneries, from retaining moisture for a softer texture to extending the shelf life of your products, MaltRite™ extracts rise to the occasion. Not to mention, our malt extracts come with the assurance of being GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), purely natural, and proudly Kosher.


Our commitment to providing diverse choices ensures that we have a MaltRite™ variant to match every requirement. Be it liquid, dry, or blended forms, we've curated a wide-ranging collection with variations in color, flavor intensity, sweetness levels, body profiles, and protein content. Emphasizing on the growing trend of clean and organic labels, our MaltRite™ extracts boast of a non-GMO certification, with options available in certified organic as well.


For those seeking a more subtle flavor profile, we provide blending options with TapRite™ or RiceRite™. Yet, if our array of standard varieties doesn't quite align with your vision, fear not! We possess the capability and expertise to craft a MaltRite™ extract tailored to your exact specifications. Entrust your requirements with us, and our team of seasoned experts will guide you to the MaltRite™ that resonates perfectly with your application.


Function: Nutritive Sweetener
Labeling Claims: Natural, Organic, Non-GMO
Certifications & Compliance: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Non-GMO Project, SQF Certified, Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), BRC Certified, Organic Certified
Physical Form: Liquid

Packaging: 60lb 


Item Number: D-4510

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