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Malted Barley Flour 5LB

Malted Barley Flour 5LB

by Bakers Authority


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Malted barley flour is milled from sprouted barley is ideal for adding functionality as well as yeast and sugar flavor to baked goods. Malted barley is used to adjust enzymatic activity, which helps bakers by relaxing dough, shortening mix times and creating browning characteristics. Malted barley flour makes the food moister than if adding just wheat flour. Our barley flour is available in bulk and home use.


Malted barley flour makes bread moister than if using wheat flour alone. Malted barley flour that is rich in protein is often used in food, while malted barley flour that is low in protein is used to make beer. Our malted barley flour has a high protein content and is perfect to use to make bread and other baked goods. Our barley flour is available in bulk for you to use to make baked goods that are moister than if using other flour.

Malted Barley Flour Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Bag

Shelf Life: Functionality: 180 days; Sanitation and Infestation: 90 days; Best if used within 30 days.

Allergen Information: Wheat, Barley

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Item Number: D-4779

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