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Master Martini Compound Dark Callet 20KG

by Master Martini

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Martini's compound dark callet is made from dark chocolate that is made from top-quality vegetable fats that is made from high-quality chocolate compounds that are available in a variety of formats (discs, drops, and chips) and flavors. Dark chocolate compound callets are great to melt and use as a frosting or icing for cakes, or to make chocolate sauces. Thanks to their taste, texture, shine and viscosity, Martini dark callet moulded compounds for coating and decoration are perfect for a wide variety of uses in patisserie, ensuring great convenience and readiness to use.  Enjoy bulk Martini compound dark callet at wholesale pricing.



Master Martini's mission is to offer solutions with high service content and added value, to successfully satisfy the varied and specific needs of our customers. High specialization of products, high-quality standards, and 360 ° customer service have always been the pillars of Master Martini, which over time has increasingly diversified, embracing all the main product categories of the pastry and bakery sector. Innovation and diversification are the strategic factors that have positioned Master Martini as a leader in the sector in Italy and abroad, experiencing continuous growth over the years.
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