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Mascarpone Cheese - 4/5 lb
Mascarpone Cheese - 4/5 lb

Mascarpone Cheese - 4/5 lb


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Mascarpone 4/5 Lb

About the Cheese

BelGioioso was the first company in America to create Mascarpone in the same manner as it is produced in Italy. Made from the freshest cream, this light, soft cheese is naturally sweet and abounds with versatility. Though traditionally used to make tiramisù, it’s a popular substitute, with half the calories of butter. Kosher certified.

Product Specs

Shelf Life: 150 days

Packaging: 4/5lb

Item: D-



Menu Suggestions

Dips, Desserts, Spreads, Pastas



How to Enjoy This Cheese

Spread on bread in place of butter.  Mix with pure maple syrup for fruit. Combine with espresso, sugar, eggs, cognac for Tiramisu.  Melt into a fresh tomato sauce or combine with Creamy Gorg® for a torte appetizer or creamy sauce for pasta.

About This Cheese

Our Classic version is a naturally sweet, yet surprisingly light cheese (1/2 the calories of butter.) Produced from only the freshest cream, its soft, creamy texture spreads with ease and blends well with other ingredients.
  • Texture: Soft, creamy
  • Flavor: Slightly sweet, buttery
  • Appearance: White, creamy
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk; rBST free


Pasteurized milk and cream, citric acid.

FreshAward Winning CheeseProudly Wisconsin CheeseKosher CRC






In 1990, BelGioioso became the first American company to produce this fresh Italian specialty cheese in the United States. We are now the largest U.S. producer of authentic Italian Mascarpone, covering 70% of the market and offering three types of Mascarpone for various applications.

BelGioioso Mascarpone is versatile, indulgent and easy to use. Explore the many ways you can incorporate Mascarpone into your everyday cooking.

Discover 50 Different Ways to Use Mascarpone Beyond Tiramisù!



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