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MEC3 California Pistachio Gelato Paste

MEC3 California Pistachio Gelato Paste

by Mec3

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Pure californian pistachio without added aromas to extract all the authentic flavors from the Californian Pistachio nut. The most refined pistachio paste to flavor your creams. This unmistakable paste uses only 100% Sicilian pistachio for an intense and perfectly balanced flavor. Pure Californian pistachio without aromas or emulsifiers, and nothing else, to be able to extract all the authentic flavor of this fantastic nut. Your gelatos will explode with authentic flavor! 

Premium Line is a special line of pastes dedicated to the classic flavors of the Italian gelato tradition, to which MEC3 devotes particular attention in the selection of ingredients and their processing. 


Packaging: 4 Kg Pouch

Shelf Life: 24 months if kept in original, undamaged packaging.

INGREDIENTS: Pistachio paste (99.8%), color E141.

The Gelato: It is advisable to apply the Sicilian Pistachio paste on a base blend without aromas in order to enhance the intense typical taste of Pistachio. The color of the dough is brown / green and the ice cream obtained is light brown.

Allergen Information: Pistachio

Preparation Instructions: 80/120g product + 1 Kg base.

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Item Number: D-A106

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