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MEC3 Cremfix White Chocolate

MEC3 Cremfix White Chocolate

by Mec3

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MEC3 Cremfix White Chocolate is a uniquely designed, slightly gelling powder thickener that allows culinary professionals and home cooks alike to achieve a luxurious, creamy texture in their chocolate cream-based creations. Whether you are crafting a delectable dessert or adding a creamy touch to a pastry, this product provides reliable consistency and delightful flavor.


Key Features:

  1. Slightly Gelling: This thickener, with its slight gelling property, imparts a pleasing, smooth texture to your chocolate cream-based dishes, providing a balance between solidity and softness.
  2. Versatile Use: Ideal for multiple applications, this product can be used to thicken sauces, desserts, and fillings. The resultant mass can be either molded into standalone confections or used as a rich, creamy filling in pastries.
  3. Easy to Use: This product is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Simply follow your recipe, incorporate the recommended amount of MEC3 Cremfix White Chocolate, and achieve consistent results every time.
  4. White Chocolate Flavor: Offering the subtle sweetness and creamy flavor of white chocolate, this powder thickener enhances the overall taste profile of your desserts and pastries.
  5. High Quality: Manufactured to the highest standards, MEC3 Cremfix White Chocolate ensures top-notch results in your culinary adventures.

    Ideal for: MEC3 Cremfix White Chocolate is perfect for bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and home kitchens that prioritize quality and consistency in their cream-based preparations. It is especially beneficial for those looking to elevate the texture and taste of their chocolate-based desserts and pastries.


    Directions for Use: Depending on your recipe, the quantity of MEC3 Cremfix White Chocolate to be used may vary. It is advisable to slowly mix this powder thickener into your preparation to ensure a smooth, lump-free texture. After adding the product, the mixture can be poured into molds or used as a filling, as desired.


    Packaging: MEC3 Cremfix White Chocolate is packaged to maintain its quality and freshness, ensuring you receive the product in optimal condition.

    Directions for use: In cookies: 600-700 g + 400 g of milk + 1 kg of 35% cream,
    For desserts in containers: 300-350 g + 250 g of milk + 1 kg of 35% cream.
    Whip the cream (5°C). Cremfix White Chocolate mix with hot milk until smooth. Combine with whipped cream and use for formed biscuits or monoportions in glasses.

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    Item Number: D-A247/MEC3-13173

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