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MEC3 Frutti De Bosco Wildberries 500

MEC3 Frutti De Bosco Wildberries 500

by Mec3

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MEC3 Frutti De Bosco Wildberries 500 is a high-quality product that embodies the core values of MEC3: innovation, customer-focused evolution, and authenticity of flavors. The product is part of MEC3's 500 Line, designed with the objective of maximizing convenience and ease of use for the customers while maintaining the distinctive taste and premium quality MEC3 is renowned for.


This wildberry blend showcases the vibrant and fresh flavors of woodland fruits, beautifully captured in a format that is practical and easy to use. With each package, you get a significant concentration of the luscious and rich flavors of mixed berries, packed into an accessible and user-friendly format.


One of the standout features of MEC3 Frutti De Bosco Wildberries 500 is its potency of flavor. A little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective solution for adding a burst of real fruit taste to your gelato. The woodland fruits, including berries like raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, impart a sweet-tart and tangy profile that complements the creamy richness of gelato perfectly.


Each package contains a carefully selected blend of wild berries, preserved at the peak of freshness to ensure an unrivaled depth and consistency of flavor. The taste of these berries explode in your gelato, delivering a refreshing, fruity twist that leaves a lingering, delectable aftertaste.


MEC3 Frutti De Bosco Wildberries 500 is not just about the excellent taste it brings to your gelato. It's also about how seamlessly it fits into your workflow. The product is designed to offer maximum convenience and simplicity, whether you're a professional gelato maker or an at-home enthusiast. With MEC3, it's easy to add a sophisticated, full-bodied wild berry flavor to your gelato in no time.


MEC3 Frutti De Bosco Wildberries 500 brings together the vibrant freshness of woodland fruits and the practicality that modern consumers demand. It's a thoughtful product that caters to the evolving needs of customers, showing once again that MEC3 is always one step ahead when it comes to delivering superior products.

PACK WEIGHT: 1.25 kg


Item Number: D-A096 / MEC3-08072

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