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MEC3 Gianduia Amara

MEC3 Gianduia Amara

by Mec3

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The MEC3 Gianduia Amara is part of the Premium Line, a selection of exquisite and distinctively Italian gelato flavors produced by the renowned MEC3. This line represents a tribute to the timeless, classic flavors that form the backbone of the rich Italian gelato tradition, offering connoisseurs a taste that transcends time and borders.


MEC3 invests extra care and meticulousness in curating this line. A defining characteristic of the Premium Line is the scrupulous attention paid to the selection and processing of ingredients. This unyielding commitment to quality ensures that the flavors presented in this line are not only unique but also possess an exceptional depth and intensity.


The Gianduia Amara variant is a masterful embodiment of Italian craftsmanship. Gianduia, a blend of chocolate and hazelnut, is a traditional flavor native to the Piedmont region of Italy, and is synonymous with richness and indulgence.


In this iteration of the Gianduia, the sweet and nutty notes of hazelnuts are beautifully harmonized with the sophisticated bitterness of cocoa, revealing the most refined aspect of this classic Italian flavor. The result is a gelato paste that delivers a rich, intense and balanced taste, certain to captivate the palates of gelato enthusiasts.


An additional highlight of this product is its health-conscious formulation. The MEC3 Gianduia Amara does not contain any added sugars, ensuring that the natural sweetness of the hazelnuts and cocoa can shine through, without being masked by excess sweetness. This, however, does not mean that it is completely sugar-free. The paste still contains sugars that naturally occur in the ingredients used. This feature makes it an excellent choice for those who are monitoring their sugar intake but do not wish to compromise on taste.


MEC3 Gianduia Amara- 14387A from the Premium Line is an exceptional offering that skillfully marries the rich traditions of Italian gelato making with the demands of contemporary, health-conscious consumers. It is not just a gelato paste, but an invitation to experience the authentic, unadulterated taste of Italy. Enjoy bulk MEC3 Gianduia Amara at wholesale pricing.

DOSAGE: 80 g per kg of mixture

Country of Origin:


Item Number: D-A245 / MEC3-14387A

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